Defeating Security Tags, And Other Devices Makes Things Worse

Think you’re gonna out smart a system? Think foil in your pocket will stop a security alarm from blaring? Doubt it!

For many years people have always tried to be a step ahead. Cutting off tags and plastic with wire cutters and the like. You really can’t come up with something new here. That is why law enforcement is ready for you.

Did you know that carrying tools/cutters can net you extra charges during a shoplifting stop? Before you ask, no it doesn’t even matter if you actually used it. As long as it is on your person you can be charged. A pocket knife even gets you in deeper.

Did you know that cutting slits inside of your coat to conceal items also gets you extra charges? That shows theft with intent.

Did you know that in any way, or technology you try to use to defeat sensors also gets you extra charges? I bet not!

Look before you leap!


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